Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look up; Look Wa-a-ay Up.

It could be considered ironic that I’m using a Blog to write about the dangers of relying on technology, but it’s all about reaching people, eh?

A couple of weeks ago, my wife was picking up Chickerdoodles from daycare, when another mother nearly backed into the both of them in her SUV. I’m not sure what the visibility issues would be with a vehicle that size, but being December, there was the added problem of slick surfaces, and I can bloody-well guess how that would affect SUV.

Would you like to know what her excuse for not stopping until she heard my wife yelling at her? “…it usually beeps at me if there’s someone there.” So, it has some sort of object detector? And it’s reliable enough that you don’t bother to LOOK? In a bloody Daycare parking lot, no less?

There are obviously many aspects of technology that I enjoy, the obvious one being Blogging and other internet contacts like Facebook. I also love Podcasts, and music downloading availability. There is literally something for everyone in the Tech shops. But really, let’s not lose our contact with the real world, shall we? When I start having difficulty speaking with people face-to-face, the warning bells go off, and I make an extra effort. As a natural introvert, this happens often, and usually after my conversations get painfully awkward.Likewise, when some danger gets too close for comfort, the warning bells go off, and I take the time to pay more attention to me surroundings.

Granted, this incident  hits pretty close to home, but let this be a warning to everyone; Don’t let technology detract from your perception of the word around you, especially when safety is at stake! Does anyone want to guess how often I see people walking through the parking lot while looking at their phones? At least daily.


  1. People looking at their cell phones while walking through a parking lot is one of the most dangerous things one can do. Its like they're oblivious to oncoming traffic. My wife has a camera on her Odyssey that allows her to see what's behind her. I drove it the other day. Guess what I saw? Yep. Someone walking right behind me, looking at their cell phone, and almost being run over by me.

  2. People's increasing reliance on technology is something that irks me, as if they're too lazy to use their own senses and abilities to do things (though it should be noted that human laziness is the greatest asset to technological innovation - we'd gladly spend 2 years and $400 million building a machine that could scratch us in the morning to save us the effort of doing so).

    It's ironic that the gadgets put in place to make you a safer driver actually make you a greater hazard since you're over relying on the tech.

  3. Now that is just plain lazy and stupid! Like the cars that park themselves. I'd never trust my car to do it right.
    Glad she didn't hit your wife and kid!

  4. The beep is a back-up - she shouldn't be relying on it!
    Found your new blog, Will.
    And in response to your comment about the TSO photos, I've been a professional photographer for 22 years now. You can't take SLRs into the concert, so those were done with my little point and shoots. Best I can do with limited equipment.

  5. HA! Yes! I do that too. I find myself in a social situation and realize I haven't done anything but nod the whole time. I'm also a natural introvert, but I pretend not to be, in public, I guess. It's the only way I could cope when I was playing gigs!

  6. Yikes! That's scary.

    Thanks for the reminder to use common sense, and not technology!

  7. You're right! It's is insane not to look just because your car wasn't beeping at you. Sheesh!