Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh crap, I forgot what day it was!

I rarely check logs in the evening, and I just popped on to feed my new Majong addiction, and noticed the it's the first Wednesday of the month!

As far as Resolutions go, I'm a little ahead of the game on quitting smoking. The patch has helped a lot, and again, it was time to piss or get off the pot. The patch has really helped with the cravings, but the habit still tries to assert itself now and then. But the way I figure, the more people I tell, the more embarrising it would be to fail.

I quit once before, but then gave myself permission to occasionally cheat. That led to cheating on vacation, then I was hooked again. This time, I'm giving myself permission to cheat on my 70th birthday. By then, all I have to lose is the diaper years.


  1. That's all right, Will - I won't kick you out!

  2. Sorry you forgot the Insecure Writer's Group day, I'm sure you would have written something worth reading, Good luck with quitting smoking.


  3. It happens, but Congrats on trying to improve your health! Good luck; You can do it!
    Happy New Year to you n' yours~ You are off to a great start~