Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to my New Home.

As I mentioned in my old space, I am starting anew. The main reason is that my Blog name was so long! Whenever I had to write, the pen would run out of ink. Really, it was kinda silly, even though I loved the abbreviation of FAOCT. Completely by accident, I assure you. As for the name, I heard a Podcaster use the term “…somewhat epic…” when discussing a book, and it stuck with me. I mean, ‘Epic’ is a style of fantasy literature, but the word has a grand implication, that the referred-to thing has, or doesn’t have. I thought that the term “Somewhat Epic” had a really cool cognitive dissonance, and that it would make a great Blog name.

But there is also something to be said for re-birth. It’s what the New Year is all about. That, and getting thoroughly wasted. So, with the New Year, I’m starting a new Blog; one with an easier title. Looking to the future, I hope to promote this in interviews, and I need a title that’s easy to remember.

New Years brings me to goals. It doesn’t need to be said that that most New Years Resolutions are good ideas until about January 10th. I’ve been guilty of this as well, but it’s time to piss, or get off the pot. I choose piss! Over the next week, I will take the time to decide what my priorities are, and act accordingly.

The immediately topic is Blogging and writing. As far as Blogging goes, a regular schedule is a good idea. Many Bloggers pick specific days of the week to post, and that seems like a good idea. As for writing, I’m not sure what’s better; weekly word counts, or so-many days a week to sit and go until you can’t go anymore.  It’s said that there is no substitute for putting in the time, and no magic formula. I’m not sure that that’s true; my favorite Podcast (I Should Be Writing) quoted someone as saying that “you don’t schedule time to masturbate.” What I got out of that was, if you’re a writer, it’s a compulsion. If I don’t get this out of my system, I’m going to be cranky, and un-focussed on my daily activities, so I’d better get this out of the way so I can function normally with my normal obligations. Pretty crude, but it speaks to the base impulses, and if it doesn’t ring true, then writing isn’t my calling.


  1. Hey Will! Found and followed your new blog.
    A blogging schedule is so helpful for me. I always know when I am posting. As for writing, that one you have to figure out what will motivate you.

  2. A fan of all things epic, I like the new name a lot. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff! I'll have to check out that writing podcast, I've been looking for some writing podcasts for a while. Thanks.

  3. Nice move! I like the blog title, Somewhat Epic, now I know you're a fantasy writer, something I didn't realize before.

  4. Love your new blog name. I believe if you sit down and try to write at least one page a day (if not more) you will find yourself writing more than you thought you could. I came over from Alex's blog. Have a successful 2012! Roland

  5. That's true that there's no magic formula. I can understand why you'd want to pick a new name. Happy 2012!