Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I believe that you've all met my Chickerdoodles...

For “C,” it only seems right that I tell a Chickerdoodles story…

One Saturday night, about six weeks ago, we passed another milestone, and we’re a little worried.

When Chickerdoodles was in her room for her nap, I went to the basement to play on the computer. When the baby monitor finally went quiet, I figured that she had gone to sleep. Then I heard her distinctive chatter on the main floor. With my stomach in my shoes, I ran to the stairs, to see her little foot descending to the first stair. That’s right, she had figured out how to operate the door knob.

We had hoped that this was an isolated incident, but when it came time to put her down for the night, we got a repeat performance. Far be it from her to let a new skill go to waste. I had to make an 8PM trip to Walmart to get a safety cover. While I was out, she kept poking her head out, then popping back into her room when she saw mom watching outside the door. Mom eventually got a paperback and stationed herself in the hall, and the performance carried on for the duration of my trip.

About fifteen minutes after we had gone to bed, I heard doors. As it happened, I hadn’t installed it properly, and she was standing at the wrong end of the hall with a look that said “Busted!” I figured out how to get the door-knob-spinning-device on properly, and her frustrated cry told me that I had it right.

About half an hour later`, we checked on her to find that she had fallen asleep with her back to the wall beside the door. That’s right, she tried ‘till she dropped!


  1. Adorable photos! She sounds a very persevering type :-)

  2. What a lovely adorable little girl Will, you must be so proud of her. Great post.

  3. Oh dear--I think you have an escape artist on your hands! She will clearly give you a run for your money by the time she's a teen.

  4. Ha! Good story and God bless you. Kids that figure out difficult things provide a real challenge for mama and daddy. Good luck in the future! Best regards to you, Ruby

  5. It sure doesn't take them long to figure things out! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  6. That's one inventive kid! I think you're in for many such experienced over the coming months.

  7. i'm new to the blog-thing, getting "serious" about it only about two months before the launch of April's challenge. i've been trying to read as many participating blogs as possible, and in so-doing, i think i am discovering that i am a blog-snob. for the 1st couple of days, i found myself trying to force-feed admiration and approval. and then i realized, there are worse things than not liking 8 out of ten blogs. granted i havent been reading them in order like i am supposed to, because i find the random pick much more exciting, so it could just be that i am randomly choosing crappy blogs to read. god, that sounds so horrible and judgemental. anyway, your blog: i find to be real. i find it to be humorous and well-expressed. and i look forward to reading more. thanks for the talent-sharing. happy blogging!

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    1. becuz it was a duplicate of the intitial comment

  9. I love kids, they make our life so rich and complicated. =) I have a five yo and a seven yo so I was, not far ago, where you stand now. Since my little chicks have come into my life, I have had more fun than ever before. I also haven't been able to sleep or watch TV with the same leisure, but I wouldn't change a thing. Precious moments, don't waste them. Enjoy every minute.

    Good luck!
    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  10. Ohhh, Daddy, you are in big trouble cause she doesn't give up and when she's a teenager, that's gonna suck. Bad. I'm impressed with her abilities though. Oh the time I fell asleep up against the door trying to free myself from Max's room that was "child-proofed". He, on the other hand, could undo it in 2.5 seconds. He's always been smarter than me.