Friday, April 6, 2012

Just fine and...

Here’s a word that I’ve grown rather fond of lately: Dandy. Usually it means ‘Fine,’ as in “How ya doin’?” “Just dandy.” But I like the classic definition “One who pays excessive attention to his appearance.” (I’m not sure, but I think that the dictionary defines “douchebag” as “someone who starts a speech or essay with a dictionary’s definition of the subject matter.” But eff-it, I’m going to enjoy the labours of hard-working linguists.)

There is also an effeminate implication to the word; the Dandy’s of old could be quite the priss’s, and would seem a little “light in the loafers” to traditional masculine sensibilities.While I’m sure that many a dandy were closeted homosexuals, many more were known for their trysts with the ladies. Little Richard was a great example of this; while the men were talking after the show about how “queer” he was, Richard was in the back with their girlfriends, having a blast.

I think that the Dandy torch has been passed to the metrosexual. I think Raj on Big Bang Theory said it best: “It means that I like girls, and their hand lotions.”

I grew fond of the word when I had to describe Voldemort. Honestly; in his meeting at the beginning of Deathly Hallows I, doesn’t he seem like a Victorian dandy? “Severus…I was afraid you’d lost your way.” “Spoken…like a true politician.” “Belatrix…tell me you love my shoes.” Doesn’t he remind you of HedonismBot in Futurama?


  1. Enjoyed reading your F post. Always of interest .
    Have a great Easter week-end.

  2. I actually remember that line from The Big Bang Theory...

  3. You broke my brain with the description of You-Know-Who as a dandy... mostly because your points are solid.

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  4. Happy A to Z'ing, Will! I checked out your blog this morning after coming across your title on the blog listing page for the challenge. I'm glad I did. :-)

    New follower, here. Thanks for the posts. I enjoyed reading each of them, but then it's always awkward to try to figure out which blog post to comment on, right? I'll just say here, on Day D, that A thru C rocked it, too.

    Happy blogging. I'm not sure about you, but I'm looking forward to having tomorrow off. (Betcha I'll blog anyway, though. It's been a few days, long does it take something to become a habit?)