Monday, April 9, 2012

What's in your freezer?

I’ll come back to “F”; it requires a little research, and I don’t want to wing it.

“G,” however, relates to something close to my heart. Have you ever been at the supermarket and seen “Gourmet” food in the freezer? I think that they misunderstand the term. If Gordon Ramsay is to be believed (and I think that it’s safe to consider him a food authority), your first priority is fresh ingredients. (A close second is a clean workspace.) Would not frozen food be instantly disqualified from the “gourmet” classification?

I’ve also seen a road-side bus selling “Gourmet French Fries.” Now, I’ve had some magnificent fries sold from a bus, but to call them “Gourmet” is playing fast-and-loose with the term.

At the end of the day, does it really matter if people are mis-using “Gourmet”? Not really. It’s irritating, but not a real problem. But what about “Rape”? This word is getting a similar water-down treatment, and this is a serious problem.

Like a lot of serious social issues, this was well-handled by a stand-up comedian. He referred to someone playing a video game who got shot in the back by another player, saying “Aw, dude, you raped me!” To illustrate, he said “If you asked a woman who had been through that awful experience about it, and she replied ‘Well, you know when you’re playing Halo, and you get shot in the back..?”

Thank the Maker for that performer!  Jesters have always said what many of us were thinking. It sucks to get desensitized to “Gourmet,” but society truly suffers when we get desensitized to assaults of any kind.  


  1. I think we have ice cubes in our freezer...

  2. Nothing interesting except ice cubes, ice cream, and a srock of frozen veg incase I can't get to the shops.


  3. Well ... I wouldn't necessarily compare the watering down of GOURMET to RAPE. That's like comparing apples to ... well ... a horrible crime.

    Anyhow, thought provoking post.

    I'm a new follower from the AtoZ challenge.

  4. Just the normal freezer. Lots of food frozen in time that we eventually throw out because they're freezer burnt.

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  5. Great examples with gourmet being misused, versus raped. I never thought about comedians that way, but they really do have a powerful way of addressing issues. I'm a visiting A-Z blogger and new follower.